Yesterday I went to the village of Dötlingen, one of the most beautiful villages in our region. I let myself guide by the genius loki. First I came to this small stable which is nowadays a meeting space for the Traditionsverein. A sign said that the runes on the wall were of no meaning whatsoever. Right! Who is kidding who?

From there I let myselve drift to the top of the local hill and down to the river Hunte, where I felt like swallowed by the wet meadows in a fairy realm. I passed a bridge and saw huge crows circling. As I was getting deeper into the woods on the other bank of the Hunte, I thought that this must be the end of the interesting part. I was just about to return to maybe have some asparagus at a local restaurant, when I felt that I had to peep over the next hill. And this is what I found there:

Wonderful atmosphere, the evening sun sinking over a field of rape:

Back in the village I found more runes on the houses and an ancient oak in the centre close to the church:

What a magic afternoon! I will come back and find out more. Hope you enjoy the pictures.