Datum: 05.11.2010 09:00–16:00
Ort: Berlin
Veranstalter: Berlin Change Days
Speaker: Jascha Rohr, IPG
As change facilitators or design thinkers it is crucial that we understand complex processes with all their inherent diversity and interactions from within. In the Institute for Participatory Design we call the space in which processes develop a field (after Kurt Lewin, Bourdieu and others). In order to enable positive change we have to connect on different levels with these fields: with our senses, intellectually, emotionally, technically, artistically. This way we ourselves become a force in the field we want to bring positive change to. But entering a field takes courage, awareness, openness and hard work. To establish fieldconnection and therfore fieldintuition can be trained in a way that you stay „online“ rather than having to connect again and again. So similar to a DSL connection to the internet we train to aquire a FSL connection to the field of our work.