Geek Theory of Everything (on Twitter)


  • 1. Geek Theory of Everything on the loo after watching @novaspivack again, please bear with me for 10 tweets! #TOE #collectiveintelligence #
  • 2. At IPG we work with generative collaboration & collective intelligence processes. We include everything which takes part: participateurs. #
  • 3. We connect participateurs (humans, machines, nature, abstracts) to fields. Those fields we found out to become sentient and conscious. #
  • 4. @novaspivack calls that metaselves (see: Those metaselves “wake up” to be agents of an emerging intelligence. #
  • 5. Freak bit: if we define God as the metaselve of all metaselves, then Got will wake up into full consciousness by our collective processes #
  • 6. Life, universe and the rest is about waking up God, which is the moment where the metaselve of all meta-selves becomes fully selfaware. #
  • 7. Since we´r all part of this metametaselve we all will wake up to be God. Is this the direction of expo. info-growth? #
  • 8. If this is true, then this dialog right now and million others happening this second are adding sparks to wake up the metametaselv #
  • 9. This is possible because of local & personal generative processes mediated globally by twitter, social networks and the internet in gen. #
  • 10. There is much more to say and think: What do you think – is this a mere loo-idea or does it ring a chord? Are you woke up yet? #