What is a Participatory Designer? (on Twitter)


  • 1. In todays 10-tweet-theory I would like to share and update an old theory of mine to the question: What is a participatory designer (PD)? #
  • 2. Design is ability to influence environments. It is an inherent part of being human and involves contexts or fields. http://is.gd/uWiV #
  • 3. Participation: take/ have part in st.: processes involving everything in a field connected due to its own potentials = participateurs #
  • 4. So a PD is always part of the field of his design. There is no differ between subjects and objects. This leads to three aspects of a PD: #
  • 5. he is a neoshaman: his work is to change reality through connecting and interacting in order to establish better, more healthy patterns #
  • 6. he is a shapeshifter: while he changes the field in which he acts he will always be subject to change himself http://is.gd/uVKG #
  • 7. A participatory designer is a storyteller: through stories he gives meaning, power & “gestalt” & thus stabilizes new patterns of reality. #
  • 8. Being a PD takes special attitudes: trust in processes, willingness to engage, transform, give room to potentials & go through crises. #
  • 9. Collective Intelligence is not just a quality of a group of humans or the quantity of computing: it is an emergent quality of fields of.. #
  • 10. ..connected & interchanging participateurs. The PD acts as a the midwife in the processes to bring this quality into being. #