Wikileaks – there is only one solution!


Wikileaks is subject to the shere force of a diploamtic and intelligence system that developed during the cold war and since then did not reform. But this system is not capable of reacting to the 21st century internet age. All actions taken at the moment show the helplessness of the old system. Old strategies like closing down infrastructure and finance (hacking wikileaks servers, influencing PayPal, Visa, Schweizer Postbank, MasterCard etc.) may have worked during the cold war. But made public, these acts only prove Wikileaks point: that the US government acts from hubris and uses its influence even while violating civil rights.

So what is the solution? Even if Assange gets locked up for ever and if all servers are shut down: leaking through the internet wont stop anymore! Governments and corporations will have to live with the fact, that classified information will reach the public more easily then ever. There is only one way to react to this: to communicate transparently and open, to stand to ones own mistakes and to avoid illeagal and illegitimate actions. Big Brother: in future that will be civil society watching the powerful institutions. There is nothing which could stop this development. Time to really incorporate ethical action and honest communication, rather than only acting this way, while secret, unethical business is done out of the publics view. That will be a huge challenge for governments, corporations and diplomacy, but it will be the only solution. Beter start with it now and stop shooting the messenger of the own dubios actions.

Let me clarify two points at the end:

To publish leaked documents is not illegal: leaking is. That means that Wikileaks is not illeagal (otherwise the Guardian, Der Spiegel, New York Times etc would be illeagal, too). It is important to fight for this right of freedom of speech. Otherwise the public would have no chance whatsoever to get infomed about corruption and illeagel activities in governments and corporations.

I think it is true, that a publisher should wisely judge the impact of his publications. Wikileaks takes it to easy if it just publishes everything it gets hold of. Every publication is an ethical act with huge responsibility. Wikileaks should differntiate between what is for the greater good and what causes unnessessary threats to society at large. Here Wikileaks has to do it homework.




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