Schlagwort: Design Thinking

  • Interview for the Berlin Change Days

    Recently I was interviewed by the Berlin Change Days team. Please visit their Webpage and register for a unique program of workshops and talks! BCD: Tell me, who is Jascha Rohr, who is the person that we are going to meet in November 2010? JR:I am situated in Oldenburg, in Northern Germany, and I live…

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  • FSL: your flatrate connection to the field

    Workshop Datum: 05.11.2010 09:00–16:00 Ort: Berlin Veranstalter: Berlin Change Days Speaker: Jascha Rohr, IPG As change facilitators or design thinkers it is crucial that we understand complex processes with all their inherent diversity and interactions from within. In the Institute for Participatory Design we call the space in which processes develop a field (after Kurt…

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