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Wikileaks – there is only one solution!

Wikileaks is subject to the shere force of a diploamtic and intelligence system that developed during the cold war and since then did not reform. But this system is not capable of reacting to the 21st century internet age. All actions taken at the moment show the helplessness of the old system. Old strategies like closing down infrastructure and finance (hacking wikileaks servers, influencing PayPal, Visa, Schweizer Postbank, MasterCard etc.) may have worked during the cold war. But made public, these acts only prove Wikileaks point: that the US government acts from hubris and uses its influence even while violating civil rights.

So what is the solution? Even if Assange gets locked up for ever and if all servers are shut down: leaking through the internet wont stop anymore! Governments and corporations will have to live with the fact, that classified information will reach the public more easily then ever. There is only one way to react to this: to communicate transparently and open, to stand to ones own mistakes and to avoid illeagal and illegitimate actions. Big Brother: in future that will be civil society watching the powerful institutions. There is nothing which could stop this development. Time to really incorporate ethical action and honest communication, rather than only acting this way, while secret, unethical business is done out of the publics view. That will be a huge challenge for governments, corporations and diplomacy, but it will be the only solution. Beter start with it now and stop shooting the messenger of the own dubios actions.

Let me clarify two points at the end:

To publish leaked documents is not illegal: leaking is. That means that Wikileaks is not illeagal (otherwise the Guardian, Der Spiegel, New York Times etc would be illeagal, too). It is important to fight for this right of freedom of speech. Otherwise the public would have no chance whatsoever to get infomed about corruption and illeagel activities in governments and corporations.

I think it is true, that a publisher should wisely judge the impact of his publications. Wikileaks takes it to easy if it just publishes everything it gets hold of. Every publication is an ethical act with huge responsibility. Wikileaks should differntiate between what is for the greater good and what causes unnessessary threats to society at large. Here Wikileaks has to do it homework.


Are you prepared to face your deepest fears?
Are you prepared to overthrow old patterns of thinking and acting?
Are you open to connect as never before?

Are you prepared to go through the thunderstorm of crises?

Are you committed to realize your full potential?
Are you committed to your deepest truth and love?
Are you prepared to create yourself and the world anew?

Then you are what our time needs!
Then you are a hero!
Then you are the one we have been waiting for!

Interview for the Berlin Change Days

Recently I was interviewed by the Berlin Change Days team. Please visit their Webpage and register for a unique program of workshops and talks!

BCD: Tell me, who is Jascha Rohr, who is the person that we are going to meet in November 2010?

JR:I am situated in Oldenburg, in Northern Germany, and I live here with my family, I have a son. My background is Sociology and Philosophy, I studied in Germany and in England, London, after I was trained as a musical instrument maker in building lutes. And then, sitting in the workshop I noticed that my intellectual hunger wasn´t satisfied, so I started studying Sociology and Philosophy, and while doing that I founded my first business. That was the Permaculture Academy. Permaculture is a design approach for designing sustainable habitats. I started it to make this knowledge available in Germany.

But the Permaculture Academy was a small grassroots business and it wouldn’t be sufficient to sustain my family. Also professionally I became more and more interested in design thinking and participation and the power of generative processes. So together with my partner who is a landscape architect, we founded the Institute for Participatory Design. We had basically two main qualities in our work: one is participation while we understand participation not only as participation of humans but also of the context, the environments. So in our work we try to let the environment participate as much as possible, in the same way as we participate with people. The second basis is the design approach. Often participation is thought of as deliberative processes: discussions, dialogues; and we wanted to shift it more into the direction of design and action e.g. hands-on prototyping, drafting, writing concepts. Our goal is to enable everyone to work more or less with the same methods as professional designers, architects, concept developers work. So, that’s where I am now.


Crises: passageway to transformation

Datum: 07.11.2010 09:00–10:30
Ort: Berlin
Veranstalter: Berlin Change Days
Speaker: Jascha Rohr, IPG
In this talk I will explore crises on different levels (personal crises, team crises, organizational crises, systemic crises). The questions will be raised why crises are important for actual change and how to work with crises to bring real transformation. Crises are a great chance and opportunity. But to use the leverage of crises we will have to boldly face it, take on its challenges and work ourselves and our organizations through the eye of the cyclon.
Please visit:

FSL: your flatrate connection to the field

Datum: 05.11.2010 09:00–16:00
Ort: Berlin
Veranstalter: Berlin Change Days
Speaker: Jascha Rohr, IPG
As change facilitators or design thinkers it is crucial that we understand complex processes with all their inherent diversity and interactions from within. In the Institute for Participatory Design we call the space in which processes develop a field (after Kurt Lewin, Bourdieu and others). In order to enable positive change we have to connect on different levels with these fields: with our senses, intellectually, emotionally, technically, artistically. This way we ourselves become a force in the field we want to bring positive change to. But entering a field takes courage, awareness, openness and hard work. To establish fieldconnection and therfore fieldintuition can be trained in a way that you stay „online“ rather than having to connect again and again. So similar to a DSL connection to the internet we train to aquire a FSL connection to the field of our work.


Ecovillage Design Education 2010

Vom 16. – 18.8.2010 unterrichte ich auf dem Ecovillage Design Education – Sustainability Training in Sieben Linden Permakultur Design und Partizipatives Gestalten. Ich freue mich auf diesen sehr intensiven Kurs! Mehr Informationen unter:
Kursankündigung: Die neuesten Nachrichten zu Klimawandel, Peak Oil und den demografischen Entwicklungen weltweit zeigen, dass ein gesellschaftliches Umdenken und ein Neuentwurf von urbanen und ländlichen Lebenslandschaften notwendig ist. Seit Jahren forschen „Ecovillages“ in allen Teilen der Welt an Alternativen. Jetzt bieten sie ihre sozialen, ökologischen, ökonomischen und philosophisch-spirituellen Erfahrungen, verbunden mit neuen wissenschaftlichen Einsichten, in konzentrierter Form an.
Die Ausbildung richtet sich an (junge) Menschen, die auf der Suche nach einer sinnerfüllten Lebensperspektive sind, an Fachmenschen, die ihr Wissen in einem der Bereiche ergänzen wollen und an Menschen aus der 3. Welt, die schon längst in Projekten für die Nachhaltigkeit aktiv sind. Gemeinsam werden wir unsere Erfahrung um eine vernetzte Welt vertiefen und zu einer neuen Klarheit in unserer Ausrichtung kommen.

Der EDE-Kurs ist
o zertifiziert von Gaia Education
o annerkannt als Studiumseinstieg bei Gaia University
o unterstützt vom Global Ecovillage Network
o ein offizieller Beitrag zur „United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005 – 2014

New organizations and leadership through Participatory Design

The idea that change is a transitional phase between two stable states is ridiculed by everyday experiences in our globalized world. Constant change is the actual state of our living world. We should seek to comprehend, incorporate and develop that which makes life worth living through change, not against it. One way of doing this is by participatory design. Participatory design will change the way we think about leadership and organizational structures and is based on certain attitudes and methodological approaches which in part we already know and in part we still have to develop. The results of participatory design are not set products or structures but living processes in themselves and therefore represent sustainable change.


Geek Theory of Everything (on Twitter)

  • 1. Geek Theory of Everything on the loo after watching @novaspivack again, please bear with me for 10 tweets! #TOE #collectiveintelligence #
  • 2. At IPG we work with generative collaboration & collective intelligence processes. We include everything which takes part: participateurs. #
  • 3. We connect participateurs (humans, machines, nature, abstracts) to fields. Those fields we found out to become sentient and conscious. #
  • 4. @novaspivack calls that metaselves (see: Those metaselves „wake up“ to be agents of an emerging intelligence. #
  • 5. Freak bit: if we define God as the metaselve of all metaselves, then Got will wake up into full consciousness by our collective processes #
  • 6. Life, universe and the rest is about waking up God, which is the moment where the metaselve of all meta-selves becomes fully selfaware. #
  • 7. Since we´r all part of this metametaselve we all will wake up to be God. Is this the direction of expo. info-growth? #
  • 8. If this is true, then this dialog right now and million others happening this second are adding sparks to wake up the metametaselv #
  • 9. This is possible because of local & personal generative processes mediated globally by twitter, social networks and the internet in gen. #
  • 10. There is much more to say and think: What do you think – is this a mere loo-idea or does it ring a chord? Are you woke up yet? #
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